Decarbonisation pathways for local authorities, citizen and businesses


The LOCALISED project is set to close the information gap between national-level decarbonization plans and the local needs for planning and implementation of energy transition and climate adaptation. To do so, it will create user-friendly tools allowing local authorities, citizens and businesses to speed up their planning actions and business models towards deep decarbonisation. To successfully carry such an approach, the project pulls together a multidisciplinary consortium including experienced institutions in the science of multi-sectoral energy transition, economic analysis, city adaptation and climate impacts, policy consultants and citizen engagement and communication experts.


  • Deliver understandable tools that transform localised data on decarbonisation pathways by 2030 and 2050 into knowledge for action.

  • Ensure a tight co-creation process to turn data into knowledge to the project’s main focus groups – local authorities, businesses and citizens.

  • Introduce an adapted-to-case service for the concretion, implementation and monitoring of decarbonization plans at the municipal scale.

  • Support the resilience of EU industry and businesses to the challenges of net-zero pathways as well as exploiting the associated benefits.

  • Engage with EU citizen groups on how climate change and different EU net-zero scenarios positively and negatively affect their lives.

Expected results

  • Decarbonisation Profiler tool for municipalities and the Net-Zero Business Consultant tool targeted at businesses and industries.

  • Dynamic production of SECAPs for municipalities to allow concretion, implementation, and monitoring at the local scale.

  • Unified vulnerability index for businesses to climate change and climate policies in agricultural, manufacturing, and transportation sectors.

  • Processual blueprint for decision-makers for citizens and businesses on defining climate ambition strategies.

  • Narratives for citizens on how drivers of change may affect mitigation action at the individual level and in the region/city.

Expected impact

To speed up the implementation of the Green Deal at the local level by allowing municipalities to quickly identify viable combinations and best practices of (sectoral) mitigation and adaptation measures for every NUTS3 region that are in line with national plans of decarbonization.

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