Decarbonisation pathways for local authorities, citizen and businesses


LOCALISED develops science-based tools that go the “last mile” to bringing decarbonisation knowledge to end users. They will offer an initial data-driven assessment to enable the target users to ask the right questions when starting to plan for coping with EU and Member State decarbonisation pathways and/or planning their own.

The tools are developed in a co-design approach with the consortium user partners and associated partners, and with will take into consideration relevant end user needs. They will be launched at the beginning of 2025.

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Climate Action Strategiser

Create Together Your Path to an Adapted and Emission-free Future

The Climate Action Strategiser is a science-based tool focusing on how to better integrate mitigation and adaptation measures, and how to ensure a collaborative environment in local administrations of small and medium size.

The tool is based on downscaled national decarbonisation trajectories, consistent with Europe’s net-zero target and can help in the establishment of Sustainable Energy and Climate Actions Plans (SECAPs) and the monitoring of related Sustainable Development Goals.

The tool focuses on motivating regional and local policy makers and experts in administrations on their journey to climate resilience. It also includes the evaluation of social impacts and equity of chosen measures.

Net-zero Business Consultant

Practical Guidelines for Effective Mitigation and Adaptation Options

The Net-Zero Business Consultant for local and regional businesses and business organisations will be an interactive online tool designed to communicate with end-users from the business sector and provide them with insights into effective mitigation and adaptation options.

It will translate the results of modeling and analysis of viable pathways into practical guidelines for business users.

This tool will be designed to showcase the role of emerging technologies that can be introduced in the regional context.

Citizen Engager

Citizen Engagement Toolbox for Climate Action and a Just Transition

The Citizen Engager is a toolbox and step-by-step guide to citizen engagement in the field of climate policy, that aims at enabling the co-creation of climate policies between citizens and local decision makers in a socially just way.

It guides the reader through the steps of identifying, reaching out and engaging with the specific citizen groups, as well as through the actions to be taken after the engagement process. The steps and methods described are tailored to be used at the local and regional scales and adaptable to different experience levels.

The step-by-step guide is enriched by learnings gathered from applied case studies in three partner cities and regions: the City of Vienna, the City of Barcelona, and the Metropolitan Area of Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot (MAGGS).