Decarbonisation pathways for local authorities, citizen and businesses

Introduction to tools

LOCALISED will develop two web applications that will go the “last mile” bringing decarbonisation knowledge to end users. They will offer an initial data-driven assessment to enable the target users to ask the right questions when starting to plan coping with EU and Member State decarbonisation pathways and/or when planning their own.

The tools will be developed in a co-design approach with the consortium user partners and associated partners, and with this taking into consideration user needs. They will be launched at the beginning of 2025. In the meantime we invite you to have a look at our Resources page where you find related datasets and publications. And to participate in our co-design activities!

Decarbonisation Profiler

The Decarbonisation Profiler aims at catapulting municipalities or regions and their citizens into mitigation and adaptation planning.

This web based information and decision support tool will provide an assessment of what certain political decisions at national and European level mean for the respective region, but also on data that can be entered by the users overwriting the data provided by the LOCALISED system to further increase the precision and usefulness of the assessment.

Based on the results, region-specific combinations of viable mitigation options are then provided. Particularly vulnerable areas and sections of the population are identified and possible adaptation options are shown.

Net-zero Business Consultant tool

The Net-Zero Business Consultant for local and regional business and business organisations will be an interactive online tool designed to communicate with end-users from the business sector and provide them with insights into effective mitigation and adaptation options.

It will translate the results of modeling and analysis of viable pathways into practical guidelines for business users.

This tool will be designed to showcase the role of emerging technologies that can be introduced in the regional context.

Participate in the tools co-design

Be the first to see different pathways for your region / business. If you are interested to participate, contact us at: