Decarbonisation pathways for local authorities, citizen and businesses


LOCALISED is a European-funded research project which is developing end-user products and services for local and regional administration and their citizens as well as policy and business decision-makers in ad co-design process, by providing downscaled national decarbonisation trajectories, consistent with Europe’s net-zero target, and helping to upscale the definition and implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures at local level, the establishment of Sustainable Energy and Climate actions plans (SECAPs) and the monitoring of related Sustainable Development Goals.
The LOCALISED project targets the NUTS-3 administrative level for all Europe, to help regions and their local administrations and businesses understand what options they have to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change, and how these can be implemented, taking into account energy justice.
With this it is contributing to achieving the goals of the European Green Deal on reducing its net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels) in a fair way, leaving no one behind.

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For whom

LOCALISED is providing comprehensible and self-usable tools and guidelines as well as academic insights on NUTS-3 level decarbonization trajectories. Therefore activities and results are interesting for everyone doing, studying and improving climate change mitigation and adaptation measures at local and regional level in Europe: we offer information for local and regional public administrations and public technical bodies, but also to consultancies and sectoral associations, that are responsible for urban planning, energy planning, transport planning, especially those facing limited resources or lacking information; for academics, e.g. social, adaptation and behaviour scientists, participation research and gender studies as well as climate, mitigation, energy modellers as well as local and regional businesses and business associations showing a growing interest in planning their carbon reduction and citizens and the general public seeking new forms of participatory innovation.

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Our research areas section

LOCALISED will establish a reliable framework of the current status of the energy sector at NUTS-3 level to plan feasible future scenarios and to monitor the changes from real data.
Providing information at lower scales needs to strike an adequate balance between 1) the downscaling of existing information on mitigation, adaptation and impacts; and 2) the design of innovative information products and tools to targeted focus groups.

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LOCALISED publishes reports and databases, interviews and videos, presenting our project results. In addition we make available interesting information from external sources on:

– Energy and emission downscaling

– Monitoring local decarbonization plans

– Regional businesses vulnerability to decarbonization

– Synergies between mitigation and adaptation

– Making sustainable decarbonization plans of cities operational management tools

– Narratives of change for citizen

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LOCALISED invites you to participate in the co-design of two web applications: the Decarbonisation Profiler for local and regional administrations and their citizens and the Net-Zero Business Consultant for local and regional business and business associations. The tools will go the “last mile” bringing decarbonisation knowledge to end users. The launch of their final version is planned for the beginning of 2025.

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LOCALISED has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101036458.
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