“Transformative Climate Media for Urban Futures”<br />
Report on the international and interdisciplinary symposium<br />

From 24-25 January 2023, Tobias Gralke and Bernd Hezel from the LOCALISED project partner Climate Media Factory co-hosted the international and interdisciplinary symposium “Transformative Climate Media for Urban Futures” at the Brandenburg Center for Media Studies in Potsdam, Germany. Since LOCALISED precisely operates at the intersection of media development and urban sustainability, the symposium offered lots of important theoretical and practical insights for the next project stages.

The symposium’s programme included 16 contributors from a wide range of professional backgrounds and locations such as Australia, the United States, Peru, Colombia, the Netherlands, Greece, and Germany. Along the three conceptual dimensions of Imagination, Interaction, and Impact, the contributions referred to the symposium’s guiding question: how can audiovisual media and digital spaces help cities and regions reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the new realities of climate change – in other words, make sustainable local futures imaginable, negotiable, and desirable?

The organisers have published a blog post with more detailed insights into the discussion, and they invite everyone interested to get in touch about the symposium’s topic and scope. Given the global urban challenges that lie ahead in the context of climate change, it will be more than necessary to continue to intensify the coordinated exchange between practitioners, researchers, and urban societies. LOCALISED thus thanks all contributors for making the symposium a successful step to the next level of our joint efforts!

by Climate Media Factory

Photo: Catharina Dörr, Climate Media Factory