Together with a focus group of future users, the consortium partner Climate Media Factory (CMF) is developing the »LOCALISED Climate Action Strategiser« (formerly »Decarbonisation Profiler«), a state-of-the-art planning tool for European cities and regions. 

The first in a series of workshops took place in November 2023 and focused on the tool’s basic structure and features: Where does the tool accommodate the users’ intuitive way of using it? Where do they feel lost or blocked? How visually appealing do they find the tool on a scale of 1-10? Are all the features in the “right place”, and is something missing?

The results and impulses of this first workshop have been implemented in the tool development. Now, a minimum viable product version is being prepared. This version will be tested and evaluated in the second focus group workshop at the end of April.

For anyone already interested in the Climate Action Strategiser, the upcoming European Urban Resilience Forum in Valencia (26-28 June 2024) offers a great opportunity to test the tool and give feedback. There, the CMF will present and discuss the tool in a highly-interactive workshop session together with the participants and invited city representatives. Your feedback is explicitly wanted and will help to make this tool as useful as possible for cities & regions!

If you’re generally interested in discussing and/or testing the tool development with us, you’re always more than welcome to get in touch with Tobias Gralke