City of Barcelona launched the Citizens’ Assembly for the Climate to accelerate the fight against the climate emergency

by: Barcelona City Council

The Barcelona Citizens’ Assembly for the Climate aims to share the progress and obstacles of the actions derived from the Climate Emergency Declaration with the aim of accelerating them. It is organized within the framework of the Barcelona + Sustainable program in collaboration with the Office for Climate Change and Sustainability of the Barcelona City Council. 

The Assembly is open to all interested persons and entities, in order to share progress and barriers between the actors involved, address the emergency and accelerate the actions. Its first session took place in March 23, the second on April 27 2022.

The sessions are structured, on the one hand, around a plenary that has an institutional welcome and a presentation on climate emergency by an expert. On the other hand there is group work (3 groups), in which a municipal technical officer gives an account of the progress made and the difficulties encountered, followed by discussions with key actors on the subject and the drafting of conclusions which are later posted on the Decidim platform.

In the first session the thematic discussion groups were about the energy model, the food model and the mobility model. In the second session the topics were on culture and education models, consumption and waste models and health care models. Finally, the third session, scheduled for October 19 2022, will deal with the urban model, the model for taking care of water and green spaces and the model for tackling inequalities.

For more information: Barcelona Climate Emergency Declaration