The CMCC team met with Assolombarda during the meeting of the “Gruppo Tecnico Infrastrutture, Mobilità e Smart City”

On Wednesday, May 11th, the CMCC team met with Assolombarda, one of the associate partner of LOCALISED during the monthly meeting of the “Gruppo Tecnico Infrastrutture, Mobilità e Smart City (Technical group on Infrastructure, mobility, and Smart City)”. 

The CMCC team presented the LOCALISED project and in particular the activities within Work Package 7 related to the creation of the Business Vulnerability Index. The CMCC team emphasized on the role of interested entities in helping us identify the business sensitivity to climate change and evaluate their adaptive capacity. 

The feedback we received from the businesses presented at the meeting were overall positive. Some highlighted the fact that achieving net-zero emission targets and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) require strong and consistent industrial policy guidelines and regulations. They also express the need to include “infrastructure”  as one of the main dimensions of business sensitivity. Finally some companies express their concern over the measurements and metrics used to assess their performance in accordance with net-zero targets. 

At the end of the meeting, the CMCC proposed a timeline for the next steps which include the expression of interest from the businesses in this subgroup and eventually organizing a workshop in September 2022.