Moving Forward with Consolidation, Engagement, and Dissemination

PIK members Dr. Prajal Pradhan and Anne Warchold organized the “Strengthening Teaching and Research on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Curriculum Transfer and Capacity Building Workshop” in Thailand in August 2023.

The Workshop was hosted by Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and was a significant gathering that united 35 people from 8 different countries and 14 universities. These participants were not only professors and teachers, but also included students and eager learners. It was a diverse group, with people coming from countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, and Germany. The workshop’s primary focus was on sustainability education in the global south, which includes countries facing unique challenges in sustainability. The initiative, involvement and representation from the global north, like Germany, was appreciated. This cross-continental exchange of ideas and experiences added depth and richness to the discussions, allowing everyone to learn from each other and appreciate different perspectives on sustainability education.

PIK members enriched the work done in the “Promoting Himalayan Development by Strengthening Teaching and Research on Sustainable Development Goals” (ForHimSDG) project, which is funded by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) under the call SDG Partnerships. They brought insights from LOCALISED, such as tailored climate action strategies and equitable energy considerations and used analytical methodologies. These inputs directly enrich the ForHimSDG project’s goal of enhancing SDG teaching and research in the Himalayan region. The workshop’s dedication to advancing sustainable practices using modern technologies and indigenous knowledge while integrating SDGs echoes LOCALISED’s commitment to facilitating the adoption of mitigation and adaptation measures locally while aligning with global sustainability targets. This exchange catalyzes ongoing and future SDG research on various levels, amplifying the positive impact of both projects.