Systematic  observation of  the Jury meeting of the Viennese district of Floridsdorf in October 2023. Photo credit: © MA 20 / Fürthner

In today’s research landscape, Gender and Diversity are increasingly recognized as vital elements of working culture and integral components of multidisciplinary research teams. However, while many projects acknowledge their importance, gender and diversity monitoring is often less prominent. 

In LOCALISED, we have incorporated gender and diversity as fundamental aspects of our project management approach, with regular monitoring by all project partners. Indeed, we have developed a methodology, outlined in our official report (LOCALISED Deliverable 1.5), to guide our own project, but also to serve as a prototype for promoting gender mainstreaming, inclusivity and diversity in all Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe research projects.

In order to provide insights on how to translate our commitment to gender and diversity into tangible actions and outcomes within multidisciplinary research projects, we have created an easy-to-use and engaging factsheet which provides essential information in a concise form. The “Gender and Diversity monitoring in multidisciplinary research projects” factsheet outlines the main strategies employed within the LOCALISED project to ensure gender equality and diversity at four levels (institutional, structural, communicational, and research). Special attention is given to the professional and personal links and understanding between team members in project activities.